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Chartered physiotherapists and sports therapists

Why don't you let one of the medical team advise you on your rehabilitation journey and assess and treat you accelerating your recovery process.

Are you struggling with an injury?

Do you needs guidance with you rehabilitation programme

Why don't you test your base of support by undergoing one of our biomechanical gait analysis services? 


We have team of specialist physiotherapists onsite to assist you with all your recovery needs. Whether you have sustained and injury or are recovering we are here to guide and support.

1. Specialist cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists
2. Women's health physiotherapists
3. Sports and injury specialists

All registered with all insurance companies so claim your treatment cost back from your PMI.

Our resident Physiotherapists from Emma James are on hand to assess, treat and manage a wide range of conditions including sports injuries, postural pain, pre and post-natal problems (including continence issues), joint hypermobility and post- operative recovery and rehabilitation.

They can work with you to achieve your goals - be that being able to sit at work pain free or running a marathon. They also 1:1 reformer bed pilates sessions, clinical pilates classes, gait scans and the leading APOS Therapy.
They run a full time Physiotherapy Clinic at Champneys, Tring.

They aim to provide you with a clear diagnosis and management plan to achieve your goals. This often involves some hands on (manual) physiotherapy initially to reduce pain and encouragement movement followed by progressive rehabilitation exercises working towards your goal.  

Introductory Offer

Gym Members receive 50% discount on their first Physiotherapy appointment.

£25 rather than £50!

Special Programme: ‘The physio MOT Package’

This is designed for those suffering from a musculoskeletal condition or for those who have not fully recovered from a chronic or recent acute problem. From diagnosis to treatment planning, measuring progress and optimising recovery. What does the package include?


60 min Physio Assessment


Full body screening to identify range of motion, biomechanics, flexibility, core stability and areas of weakness to prevent future injury


2 x 30 min follow up Physio Sessions


A personalised fitness programme based on your physio assessment


Personal Training Session monitored by Personal Trainer/Physio

Special Offer: £275.00* 

Normal Price: £375.00

* When paid in advance


New to Emma James Physio, PelviPower™ assesses and trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles. The newly developed training is non-invasive and is based on magnetic field stimulation and the bio-feedback of your body. Try it out with a complimentary 15-minute session at Tring.


Chesham Rd,
HP23 6HX